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The first step in counteracting fear, whether generalized or specific, is to learn how to relax deeply in a safe place. "Relaxation and Inspiration," "Letting Go of Stress," "Rainbow Butterfly," and "Healing Journey" are all excellent introductions to relaxation. More specifically, however, "Freeing Yourself from Fear" is a carefully designed, three-tape series which enables you not only to learn to relax, but how to relax more and more quickly, and then goes on to show you how to systematically desensitize yourself to fear-producing situations.

When the fear is associated with deep trauma, "Inner Child Healing" can provide soothing relief. "I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment" can empower you to do things that have been frightening in the past. When your fears are related to sexuality, "Sexual Intimacy" provides a number of healing and empowering experiences.

If you have a clear image of what you would like to do to eliminate fear from your life, "Writing Your Own Script" provides four experiences for changing behavior patterns for the better. Unwanted anxieties and fears represent a kind of malfunction of the mind and nervous system. Abolish Anxiety offers a new perspective on anxiety and presents a graduated series of guided imagery experiences to enable you to put the new concepts into action. Dr. Miller’s book, "Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine," provide thorough understanding of how this happens and how you can bring healing to this system.

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