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Introduction to Dr. Emmet Miller

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Dr. Emmett Miller’s work is being incorporated into a new MOVIE..


Abolish Anxiety

A complete self-healing program, presenting a fascinating new way to understand and treat all f


Escape From Depression

This program may be helpful, even crucial, in every form of depression. It weaves vital informa


Letting Go Of Stress

No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world’s most popular stress management CD! Sever


Healing Journey

This is the original Healing Journey, and it holds the distinction of being the first nationall


Ten-Minute Stress Manager

This little jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students, performers, a


Easing Into Sleep

Discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love. In your heart is t


Optimal Performance

Learn the "master skill" of peak performance, applicable to any area of life: athletic competit


Serenity Prayer

All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this beautiful tape every day


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Insomnia/Sleep Problems feed

The essential skill involved in going to sleep is being able to relax thoroughly and empty the mind of unnecessary thoughts. When we rid ourselves of the environmental stressors that create insecurity and anxiety, sleep comes naturally. "Easing into Sleep" features side A, Escape from Insomnia—a 45-minute experience few have ever heard the end of. Side B teaches you how to put the day’s worries to rest and program a bright tomorrow. "Healing Journey," because it is so relaxing, is also a favorite for people going to sleep—its background, as well as side B, Breathing Music, was created by Raphael.

"Accepting Change, Moving On" is especially good when thoughts or worries keep you awake. It teaches you how to release and let go of that which is no longer needed in your life. "Relaxation and Inspiration, the Video," provides Dr. Miller’s guidance and more than 20 minutes of beautiful, soothing images that ebb and flow, encouraging restfulness and sleep.

For those who like to read themselves to sleep, Dr. Miller’s book, "Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine" can help you enter the state of unconsciousness while learning more about yourself and the ways you can solve the problems in your life underlying your sleep difficulties. The Deep Healing Audiobook provides another way for you to gain this information. For a gentle musical guidance into sleep, there are few better choices than "Silent Path," the CD by Robert Haig Coxon.

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