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Easing Into Sleep ( MP3 )

Easing Into Sleep

Easing Into Sleep

Discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love. In your heart is the future of our planet; learn how to empower your mental imagery to serve your most deeply held values. Experience the wisdom of the ages wedded to cutting-edge mind-body and peak performance technology.

Relax and enjoy the uniquely beautiful voice of Dr. Miller. One of the fathers of Holistic Healing, Dr. Miller introduced the world to the power of creative visualization, and the use of meditation cassettes and CD’s.

Often called "the cure for insomnia," most users never hear the end of this CD. Part A is for use daily. It will help you put the day to rest, to instruct your mind to stop problem solving and release the day with gratitude. Next you program your dreams (if you wish), then project forward to awakening rested and refreshed at the desired time, and mentally project a perfect tomorrow. Part B, Escape From Insomnia, contains multiple procedures to empty your mind, body and emotions of tensions and allow sleep to come naturally.


To prepare the mind and body for an easy, restful sleep.

To induce sleep.

To help make peace with the day and project desirable behaviors into the future.

Recommended For:

Worries, mind chatter or disturbing thoughts prior to sleep; difficulties in falling asleep; early awakening; insomnia, extreme stress; sexual dysfunction due to worry; distraction or fatigue due to ineffective sleep.

Recommended Use:

Use immediately before going to sleep. Place the audio player next to your bed and begin it as soon as you slip under the covers. Earphones or an under-pillow speaker give extra privacy if you need it. We recommend an audio player with an automatic shut-off at the end of the program. Although the “paradoxical” suggestion is given that you try not to fall asleep until the end of the cassette, it is a rare individual who has ever heard the end of Part B. This suggestion is given so that you will not “try” to fall asleep and defeat yourself by continuous monitoring.

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